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Our Monument Mission Statement We here at Our Monument want to welcome you to the first democratic monument for humanity. Our Goal is to be a place that you can submit your heroes to and allow the rest of humanity to vote on who belongs on Our Monument. We want Humanity to grow and become wiser with one another, our observations of each other as well as the universe around us. So with your submissions we all will see what you hold to be important with our society. Yes, there is a certain agenda to this Monument and that is to show us that we honor those who better our understanding of reality, hammer home the need for constant questioning of purpose, and make life truly a greater reward for humanity here on our planet. There is someone in all our lives that have shown us the doorway of our own knowledge: we are asking you to share yours. Over the next year we ask that you come to this site often and share it with others; to see us, with you; grow. Please go to the submission page and read about those who have inspired others. If you feel your hero is worthy of being on the monument than please submit them. Give us your brave beings of thought, who even with pain overcame there struggles in life to show you and now us a better way to be Human. This is Our Monument. Thank you, Brent Guggisberg